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james van der beek gifs. incredible.

he even does his classic crying face!

and this is my favourite next to the ‘fuck you’ one.

best meme of 2011…so far. 

Due to the popularity of The Skinny, I have found a new home with more functionality. Now a much better comment function, so start hitting me up with some.

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This picture may be from the best movie ever created.

Canada…they may not be able to spell, but they eat in peace.

Ed Hightower showed up on America’s Best Dance Crew this past Thursday.

New Wave Wednesdays Vol. 4

Take on Me -  A Ha

Not only is this a classic song on 8 different continents, it also was immortalized by appearing on Family Guy….and managed to look pretty creepy while doing it.   


  • Only losers have small baby-maker

Obviously The Skinny must be huge

  • Drank a lot and now you wish you were dead? We know how to help you

Finally…spam I can use!

  • let’s go right now biaaaatch

It seems that the spam creators have started taking ideas from The Real World/Road Rules Challenge

  • neverending cycle of goodness

Sex you’re so tired you sleep and you wake up wanting to get your freak on making you tired again….I’m in

  • never sleep for it causes early death

Scratch that previous idea. 

" When my fourth wife was in jail, I parked my bus at Hooters in Houston and my son didn’t want to go to day care. He just wanted to be at Hooters. And I feel safe about that. "

- John Daly

Thanks go to Reid, the Flint Skinny’s senior Ohio pervert correspondent.

Words of the Day Archive
Tuesday April 1, 2008

jollification \jol-ih-fuh-KAY-shuhn, noun:
Merrymaking; festivity; revelry.

Some inform; some prompt the conscience; some entertain, while having more than jollification in mind.
— Stuart Klawans, “A Greek Bearing Gifts”, The Nation, June 21, 1999

jollify - \jol-uh-fahy, verb

celebrate noisily, often indulging in drinking; engage in uproarious festivities

Rod Allen isn’t just a commentator.  He’s an all-star Japanese baseball player, world class track athlete, and an average Tag player.


"I’m Obama to the end now, baby!"

"Don’t look for my vote, for me to determine nothing on that. Just say, ‘50 Cent, he don’t know, so don’t ask Fiddy.’"


- 50 Cent, apparently confused on the proper way to endorse a candidate.


April 1st became known as “April Fool’s Day” only after Mr. T decided it would be easier to pity a whole bunch of fools on a set date rather than pitying a few fools each day.
The first human alphabet consisted of only ‘Mr.’ and ‘T’. Other letters eventually had to be created in order to describe things that were not, in fact, awesome.
Mr. T once pitied a third of Europe. This event is now known as The Black Death.
Don’t ever call Mr. T, just “T”, somebody did that once, just once…
Mr. T is the reason your son is black.
Mr. T got all his gold chains during a wild night of flashing his man boobs at Mardi Gras in 1993.
Mr. T’s trademark phrase “I pity the foo” was in the first copy of the bible. It was later removed because his righteous gold chains were being worshiped as false idols.
Sixty precent of the time, Mr. T pities you all the time.
Mr. T shot the sheriff and the deputy.
Mr. T took Mother Nature from behind. We refer to the event as the Big Bang.
Mr. T never learned to read. Letters learned to accomodate Mr. T’s mind.
The last person who touched Mr. T’s gold chains was Helen Keller.
Mr. T plays ping pong with a medicine ball.
Mr. T singlehandedly canceled “Friends” by frowning one time.
Mr. T once had a staring contest with a statue and won.
Richard Simmons is Vin Diesel, after being pitied by Mr. T.
When Mr.T was on the price is right in 1979, he pitied Bob Barker, then he held the wheel still as he spun the world around it.
Mr. T doesn’t care what Willis was talking about, it’s probably just a bunch of jibba jabba anyway.
According to Mr T only two languages exist: English and Jibba Jabba.
When Mr. T looks at a Magic-Eye illusion, the image changes into a crying child and it never changes back.
Mr. T can tear glass. Phonebooks are for fools.
“Knock, Knock.” “Who’s there?” “Mr. T” “Shit.”